Planning, design and construction services for developers, self-builders and homeowners

About Us

Figura creates high quality living environments at a reasonable cost.
We have had 40 years experience doing this as Planners, Designers, Developers and Contractors.

We have worked speculatively for ourselves, as Design Builders for the Self Builder and as Consultants for Developers worldwide. We offer a personal service, which can be tailored to your needs, whether you are a large developer or an individual homeowner. Our principal studied Architecture at Cambridge UK, before teaching Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA. At MIT he also ran a US government research project into sustainable development within a protected watershed near New York City.

The practical and financial experience we have gained as developers and contractors gives us the edge when planning and designing to a budget.

Our Services For the Developer

Figura can provide feasibility studies, to evaluate the potential of a project before it is undertaken. We use our team of Cambridge Professionals to underpin these studies, which can be used for fund raising. We have worked on large projects in many countries.

We can undertake all Planning and Design work, through to working drawings and specifications if required. This will include all negotiations with Local Authorities.

We can provide project management. For the Homeowner or Self Builder Figura can help you analyse the way to make the most of your home, or help with evaluating the potential of a site for your new home.

We can provide a planning and design service and we can monitor the construction process, providing detailed progress reports as work proceeds. Our complete service can include interior and landscape design


Our Colleagues
We work closely with a team of
Cambridge based Professionals
If we do not have the expertise,
we can find it close at hand.

Our Planning Consultants


Our Economic Consultants

Our Engineers
Peter Dann Ltd.

Our Fabric Contractors
Aura Custom Solutions Ltd.

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